How To: Make a green apple martini

Make a green apple martini

How to make a great green apple martini. First we start with the tools of the trade, you will need a glass, champagne or martini glass will do, next a set of tumblers, a speed pour-er, and a martini strainer. Now that all of those are laid out we need to chill the glass down, so take the larger tumbler and fill it 3/4 full of ice. Add the ice to the glass and set aside. While the glass is chilling out, we need to get our liquor out and ready to mix, these are the liquors needed: Apple Vodka - 1 oz Apple Schnapps - 1 oz Mellon Liquor - no more than 1/2 oz Sprite - 3 oz Pineapple - 2-3 oz Sour Mix - 2-3 oz Now that all your ingredients are laid out and ready to go, we need to start to mix the drink together, so add all ingredients into the tumbler with ice. After ingredients are in the large tumbler, the next step is to secure the second, smaller tumbler and fasten it inside the larger tumbler, so just place inside the larger tumbler and press firmly to make sure it has made a tight seal. Next we shake. Just shake the tumblers, any way you prefer, about five to seven times. Then you want to take the smaller tumbler out by twisting, do not try and break the seal by hitting the two tumblers on your bar counter, it will cause the green apple martini to spill and may also dent your tumblers. We still need to get rid of that ice that has been chilling our glass. Make sure all ice is removed and give the glass a fast wave through the air to ensure no water is in it, no one wants watered down alcohol right? Next we place the martini strainer in the large tumbler and pour our Green Apple Martini. And to add garnishment, add one maraschino cherry. Now you have the perfect green apple martini

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