How To: Make the perfect dirty martini

Make the perfect dirty martini

This is video showing you how to prepare a dirty martini drink. For making this drink, you need some 3 oz. vodka, 1/2 oz. of extra dry vermouth, olive brine, green olives. Start first with putting ice in the shaker. Put 3/4th portion of ice to get the liquor very cold fast. Now pour 3 oz. of vodka into the shaker, and put a splash of olive juice. Now start shaking the shaker. About 15 shakes should give a nice cold liquor. Now before serving put little dry vermouth, turn round the glass and throw it out. Now put an olive or two and pour the cold liquor from the shaker into the glass. You will see the content a little darker, not very clear and that makes it a dirty martini.

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