How To: Mix a (Thermos-Sized) Gin Sidecar

Mix a (Thermos-Sized) Gin Sidecar

Hilah from Hilah Cooking mixes up a large gin sidecar, big enough for a thermos. The ingredients include two thirds of a cup of fresh lemon juice, two thirds of a cup of gin, and two thirds of a cup orange flavored liqueur. She squeezes the juice of four whole lemons for two thirds of a cup of juice. Then she pours the ingredients in a shaker that has already been filled with ice, and shakes vigorously to mix and chill the drink. She also pre-chills the thermos with ice. After removing the ice from the thermos, she strains the drink into it and seals it for later consumption.

Watch the video at the link below to see Hilah make a large gin sidecar step by step.

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