How To: Make the perfect watermelon martini

Make the perfect watermelon martini

Toy-tini presents how to make a perfect and delicious watermelon martini. Here's what you'll need: a cocktail shaker, a martini glass, some top-shelf vodka, some sugar syrup, and, of course, some freshly-cut watermelon. To get started, fill up the shaker about three-fourths of the way with ice. Put about 3 ounces of vodka straight into the shaker. Then, put about one-fourth of an ounce of the sugar syrup. Next, throw a bunch of the freshly-cut watermelon in - the more the better - and shake it up. Do about 15-20 shakes to make sure it's really cold. It should have a nice light pink color to it. Garnish with a little watermelon. There you have it - the watermelon martini.

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