How To: Make a key lime pie martini

Make a key lime pie martini

This video illustrates how to make a key lime pie martini and the ingredients needed. Ingredients: 2 oz vanilla vodka 1 oz Midori liqueur 2 oz pineapple juice 1 cup whipped cream, dash of almond extract, fresh lime wedge, crushed vanilla wafers procedure: Take a martini glass. Put some ice cubes in the cocktail shaker. Add 2 oz of vanilla vodka in the shaker and 1 oz of Midori liqueur, then add 2 oz of Pineapple juice. Shake the cream before use and spray it in the shaker. Put a dash of almond extract and close up with lid and shake it well. Take a lime wedge and lightly coat the rim of martini glass. Dip the rim in crushed vanilla wafers and open up the lid. Put the drink in martini glass and take few scrambles of crushed vanilla wafers and sprinkle it over the drink. Finish it off with the lime wedge.

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