How To: Put a whole fruit inside a bottle

Put a whole fruit inside a bottle

This how-to video teaches you the secret of real natural fruity liquor, by learning how it's possible to put an entire fruit inside a regular bottle. It's a really simple technique, and yet most people will be puzzled how you've managed to squeeze the fruit through the bottleneck! Any bottle will do, and most kinds of fruits will work great! Give it a try, just watch this instructional video!

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That's a rather lengthy process, isn't it...

are you free why you make such type of videos bull #$%@ video

Super idea, although not new. I read about this a long time ago and had forgotten it! If you like homemade gifts, this is a great idea for not only fruit beverage but also for a fruit vinegar. Make a few bottles with pears and add mild rice vinegar that's been heated but not hot enough to cook the pear and let sit to infuse the venegar. Very nice!

Thanks for your video. There's nothing I like more than wasting my time...jerk!

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