How To: Mix a dessert chocolate martini cocktail

Mix a dessert chocolate martini cocktail

Dan Vincent, a bartender in Laguna Beach, CA shows you how to make specialty martinis for you, your family and friends in this video cocktail-mixing tutorial. This cocktail recipe is the original, for a mysteriously clear but chocolate-y martini. To make a chocolate martini, you will need vodka, creme de cacao, a splach of Kahlua and a cherry for garnish.

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This is the first time that My husband & I watched a video of this art of Making a "CLEAR Chocolate Martini" We had one served to us (and the bartender said that it was the original way to make this martini) at Rockaway Beach "Nicks" Restuarant....Boy were we surprised when he brought this clear drink...that tasted so sexy and incredible! Thanks for sharing
<3 smooches!

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