How To: Prepare absinthe drink

Prepare absinthe drink

A little demonstration on how to prepare absinthe.

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This style preparation has been way too dramatized in movies. This is absolutely the wrong way to drink Absinthe. Although it looks cool, you're doing nothing but burning the alcohol out of the drink (lessoning the potency), distorting the flavor with the melted burnt sugar and also creating an unsafe situation in which the possibility of the glass breaking could cause a serious fire. In addition, Absinthe does not cause hallucinations anymore than drinking Whiskey, Vodka or any other high alcoholic drink in large amounts. The only difference is that the buzz from the Absinthe tends to have a slight calming euphoric effect which could differ slightly from person to person.

To add on to my previous comment.
I don't mean to come off as snooty. The first time I tried Absinthe I prepared it with sugar and fire. However after further research on sites like, i realized that this was the incorrect way to prepare it. Absinthe is by far, my favorite drink. It's legal to order it online and import it to America, and I've heard that there are places in NY and NJ that are selling certain brands of it. As happy as I am about the slow and widespread acceptance of Absinthe in America, I am only afraid that when it finally becomes more available in the States, kids will abuse it to the point of having it banned again. I can see it becoming a very popular drink at party's, with the myth of hallucinations perpetuated by movies from Hollywood. As with anything, when something is being abused by College kids, the .gov steps in and takes action. No doubt that they will focus on the myths of Absinthe rather than the actual facts. When Absinthe was banned, there was no standard in distilling. So the people producing it would add various things to turn the Absinthe green in color. This poisoned, and killed people. Now with the advent of standards in the distilling processes, that problem has been fortunately eliminated.

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