How To: Mix the Singapore Sling

Mix the Singapore Sling

How to Mix the Singapore Sling

Mixologist Chris McMillian walks us through the history and creation of the Singapore Sling in this instructional video. The drink originated in a hotel in Singapore--the drink used to be a Collins with a splash of cherry herring. This recipe is the original recipe from Raffles Hotel, where the drink was first made.

Bombay Saphire Gin
Cherry Herring
Cointreau/Triple Sec
Benedictine liquor
lime juice
pineapple juice

Shake with ice. The pineapple juice will help the drink to froth. Strain over a wine glass filled with ice and top with club soda. Garnish with a flag!

This is one of the greatest tropical drinks in the world and will impress your friends with your mixology skills!

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