How To: Make a michelada mixed drink

Make a michelada mixed drink

Learn how to make a michelada mixed drink.

The classic michelada is a spicy cocktail that's popular in Mexico and in states near the U.S. border. Add it to your menu to heat things up, Mexican style!

You Will Need

* ½ lime plus wedges for garnish
* A margarita glass
* Margarita salt
* A small whisk
* Tabasco sauce
* Worcestershire sauce
* Soy sauce
* Black pepper
* Chilled dark Mexican beer

Step 1. Squeeze the lime

Squeeze the juice from the lime half and then rub the lime around the rim of the glass.

Step 2. Flavor the glass

Dip the edge of the glass in margarita salt. Set the glass down in an upright position.

Step 3. Make the spice mix

Whisk together one splash of Tabasco sauce, two splashes of Worcestershire sauce, one splash of soy sauce and a pinch of black pepper in a small bowl.

Step 4. Pour beer into spice mix

Pour the beer into the spice mix and mix thoroughly with the whisk.

Step 5. Prepare the michelada

Pour the beer and spice mix into the salted margarita glass.

Step 6. Garnish

Garnish the michelada with lime wedges. Now, enjoy your well- deserved cocktail!

Tip: Pour the beer slowly – the salt in the spice mix will make the beer foam more than usual.

Tip: In El Salvador, the michelada is often made with tomato juice.

Fact: In Spain, the michelada is called a "cerveza preparada," which means prepared beer.

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