How To: Prepare an absinthe drink properly

Prepare an absinthe drink properly

A proper way to prepare your absinthe with a fountain. NEVER use any flame or fire with absinthe. Just slow, steady cold water and you're set. Enjoy.

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Be ware - if you go to Europe, nobody uses the spoon or sugar - just add some water to the glass til it clouds up. Oh, and the clearer the Absinthe, the better.

Pigeonchicken is absolutely correct. Preparing Absinthe with fire and sugar is the wrong way to do it. Absinthe with a strong green look has, in most cases, been artificially colored. You'll find that good authentic Absinthe is nearly clear, and luges to a cloudy opaque color when distilled water is added to it. Good Absinthe tastes great with only water added, no need to add sugar. My experience with Absinthe in the last 5 years is with Kubler 53 exlusively. I'll be trying a bottle of 'Un Emile 68' sometime later this year.

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