How To: Mix a caipirinha

Mix a caipirinha

The national drink of Brazil, the caipirinha is the perfect partner on a sultry summer night.

You Will Need:

* A whole lime
* 1 tsp. sugar
* 2 oz. cachaça
* Ice
* A tumbler
* A muddler

Step 1: Wash and cut lime
Wash the lime and slice it into wedges.

Step 2: Muddle the sugar and limes
Add the lime wedges and a teaspoon of sugar to the glass. Muddle them thoroughly.
*Tip: A muddler is a fancy bar term for a blunt wooden object used to crush fruit. If you don't have one, a pestle or wooden spoon will do.

Step 3: Add cachaça and stir
Add two ounces of cachaça, a Brazilian spirit distilled from sugarcane. Stir.

Step 4: Add ice and stir
Add ice and stir briskly. Now which way to the dance floor?

The caipirinha began as a rural drink and comes from the Portuguese word for hillbilly.

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