News: Tequila Balls Slide Down Sweet and Easy

Tequila Balls Slide Down Sweet and Easy

Finally, Jell-O shots hit Japan. You would think the land of pop, sickly sweet, and incredibly creative commercialization of endless innovative products would have long ago begun serving an alcoholic drink that is A) candy colored B) candy tasting and C) slides right down the gullet, easy as 1-2-3. 

Tequila Balls Slide Down Sweet and Easy

Says Japan Subculture:

"Tequila Balls are the brainchild of an ex-host working at Kabukicho bar 'NASUKA.' These little bombs are 20% alcohol and contain 1/3 of a shot glass worth of tequila each. Website J-cast quotes the marketing manager as saying, 'These were created for men who are looking to get women drunk with something that's stylish and easy to drink.'

The venue unleashed their creation in 2008, and the balls were met with rave reviews from what is arguably a bar in Kabukicho's largest clientele: hosts and hostesses. Things stayed relatively local until a NASUKA regular–who happened to be a model for the massively popular cabaret-style fashion magazine, Koakuma Ageha–posted on her blog about the party goodies. Calls suddenly started flooding in from around the country."

Good news. You can make your own. Luxirare has an amazing step-by-step photo HowTo on making your own Tequila jigglers.

Tequila Balls Slide Down Sweet and Easy

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