How To: Make a strawberry martini

Make a strawberry martini

This recipe will make a deliciously rich strawberry martini. The three main ingredients are Vodka (the video used Gray Goose Vodka), Chambord, sugar syrup and fresh strawberries, diced. Use a cocktail shaker but don't start out with ice. You will understand why shortly. First into shaker, pour two ounces of vodka, half an ounce of Chambord, a little bit of sugar syrup according to your tastes (the more the sweeter). Drop in a small handful of the diced strawberries. Using a muddler or other blunt object (for example, the end of a spoon or a dull knife) mash the strawberries thoroughly to release the strawberry flavor. Now you can add enough ice to nearly fill the shaker. Close the top and give at least 15 vigorous shakes. Your drink is ready to serve. Be aware that the strawberry pulp might stop up the shakers strainer, but a few shakes and a little patience will allow you to serve all of your masterpiece. Enjoy!

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