How To: Make a "Spook-tini" & a "Morguerita"

Make a "Spook-tini" & a "Morguerita"

Feeling wicked? Check out these scary alcoholic beverages, the "Spook-tini" and a "Morguerita." The "Spook-tini" tastes just like a regular vodka martini but it uses black vodka. The "Morguerita" is similar to the usual margarita but with some creepy and delicious changes. Watch this how to video and you can enjoy the "Spook-tini" and "Morguerita" at your Halloween party.

Make a "Spook-tini" & a "Morguerita"

Make a "Spook-tini" & a "Morguerita" Click through to watch this video on

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