How To: Make the pefect lemon drop martini

Make the pefect lemon drop martini

In this video it is demonstrated how to make a lemon drop martini. For this you first need to put some ice in a shaker. Then pour 2 oz. of vodka in it. Next add about 1/2 oz. of Triple sec. To this you need to add just a splash of sweet and sour. Further take 1/2 lemon and squeeze the juice completely into the mixture. Then shake the mixture thoroughly. After this take a glass and coat some lemon juice on the rim of the glass with the help of a lemon wedge. Then dip the rim of the glass on to a dish of granulated sugar. With this you would have a coating of sugar on the rim. Then pour the mixture in the glass and put a lemon wedge on the rim . The perfect lemon drop martini is ready.

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