How To: Make a krautini martini cocktail with sauerkraut juice

Make a krautini martini cocktail with sauerkraut juice

To make your own Krautini (i.e. a Sauerkraut Martini), you will need the following ingredients: fresh cabbage, sea salt, an olive, and vodka.

To begin, with a sharp knife, slice cabbage into slaw. Add 1 T. sea salt. Mash it. Put it in a mason jar. You will need to pack it down tightly. Fill a smaller jar with water and place it inside the larger cabbaged filled jar, in order to weigh it down. Allow it to sit for a week, in your kitchen. Juices will collect as it ferments.

In a glass combine 2 shots of vodka and a splash of sauerkraut juice. Shake it well. Pour into a glass. Serve with an olive.

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