How To: Make hard cider from apples

Make hard cider from apples

This daring docu-drama explores the esoteric underground of hard-cider brewing. This fast paced thriller is sure to captivate the mind, and leave you on the edge of your seat. OK, it's just a video shot with a 3mp Cannon digital camera on video mode and edited with some lousy free software. There are two different methods used to make this hard cider. 5 gallons of fresh cider with a starting specific gravity of 12 were pitched with White Labs liquid English Cider Yeast. This should yield around 7% alcohol. Or then, 5 gallons of fresh cider made with corn sugar until specific gravity was raised from 12 to 16.5, pitched with Red Star champagne yeast. This should produce around 10% alcohol content. Each bottle was primed with a little corn sugar. This should carbonate the contents and produce a nice sparkling cider. It is best consumed chilled, and in large quantities. Watch this video home-brewing tutorial and learn how to ferment apples into a hard apple cider.

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