HowTo: The Ticking Ice Bomb Trick

The Ticking Ice Bomb Trick

Cocktails and spirits writer Camper English likes playing with ice. His latest experiment is a ticking ice bomb (re: an ice cube filled with food coloring that slowly turns your beverage black as it melts). 

HowTo: The Ticking Ice Bomb Trick

Camper's brief explanation is enough to get you started:

"The first step was to make perfectly clear ice.  Then I heated the stubby end of a bar spoon in a pot of boiling water and kept plunging it into the ice until I made a tunnel.

Then I added several drops of food coloring. After I let that freeze for a few hours, I added a couple drops of water and let that freeze. I then added more water to top it up and seal the cube.

Then it was time to add the time bomb to a beverage..."

HowTo: The Ticking Ice Bomb Trick


  • Try playing around with different variables; experiment with different colors or as Camper suggests, "fill with bitters, or citrus oil, or absinthe to change the flavor of a drink mid-way through it."

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if there's a video on how to make it, i'd make it

I hope he finds a way to make the dye unnoticeable until it melts, that would make for some fun pranks.

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