How To: Easily make an old fashioned cocktail

Easily make an old fashioned cocktail

The Old Fashioned cocktail is a classic cocktail in the sense that it contains a spirit, sugar and a bitter. Start with a quarter of an ounce of nice two to one simple syrup, this allows you to focus on the spirit in this drink. You then add two dashes of bitters and then a nice wide piece of orange, you can use lemon if you prefer, but orange goes well with bourbon. Then, gently press out the oils from the orange with a muddler, just press out the oils and leave the orange peel intact, then add two ounces of bourbon and stir to combine the ingredients. Then add two or three large ice cubes to slow the dilution rate and stir. Then add a couple more ice cubes and stir again and there you have it. A reminder of the ingredients: 1/4 oz. of rich simple syrup (2:1), two dashes of Angostura bitters, citrus peel and two oz. of bourbon.

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