How To: Make hooch or prison alcohol

Make hooch or prison alcohol

This video alcohol-brewing tutorial shows how to make hooch. Bring that cozy feeling of hard-time in prison to your own home, or get ready for an upcoming jaunt in jail. Even if you're just really cheap and looking to get really drunk on the cheap, this video is for you. You'll need water, brown bread, orange juice, sugar, and a bottle to store it in. Watch this instructional video and learn how to make some hooch.

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found that crushing the bread then filtering (siving) or useing real yeast makes a better job but thanks for satarting my home drinking carear

how long does it take to bubble using brown bread? I put plenty in it and no bubbles but its only been one day. Only see some foam but it smells strong already hopefully it works.

will this work or not?

oooh yes it works :D

Using real yeast is the way to go. I tryed some wheat bread for a full day with no activity or bubbles (CO2). So I went to the baking isle of the grocery store and pick up some "Fleischmasnn's ActiveDry" Yeast used in cakes. I put this yeast in my old mix the second day. Wow... You have got to watch that CO2 build up. I used an empty gallon apple juice jug, the thick plastic type with a screw cap. The presure didn't build untill I had walked away from it but when I came back to it in a few hours to vent it, (I had it closed tight) the jug went from "jug shaped" to "socker ball about to explode." I got to it in time fortunatly and now I keep it cracked a bit. My warped bottle is now more than its orginal gallon. I will now go into detail as to how I did this with a gallon because in the video he used a 3L jug. I first had to know how many cups equal 500g of sugar. 500g equals about one pound says my cook book conversion table. Then using the serving size on the package and more math I am not going to go into here I calulated I needed about 3 cups of sugar for my one gallon jug in order to get the same proportions as the video. I boiled some water and let it cool for a few so as not to melt the bottle or the funnle and mixed some to dissolve the 3 cups of sugar. Then filled half way with warm water and added around two table spoons of the yeast I mentioned above. Then I fill the rest with orange juice leaving no less than one inch of air on top to give the foam created by the CO2 bubbles time to pop. Otherwise you will have a foamy mess comming for the next few days. I used a heat vent for the first day then I remembered the spa in the back yard is set to 100 deg. (Incert Evil Grin) Perfect. I know (via cook book) that yeast does best between 80 and 120. On the second day of real yeast I put the jug in the water of the spa for a day. It sits on top of the filters of the spa to prevent it from becoming submerged or float around in the spa. In conclusion, I tested the p

Hey i just want to be sure here after its made can you store it or will it continue to brew or something?

cont. from above /\/\/\/\ In conclusion, I tested the product and found it to be a little stronger than wine. Wine in my experience has been 12-15%(24-30 Proof). This stuff was about 18-20%. I would imagin it would double with the four to five days that is suggested in the video. Have fun. Q's?

how much bread yeast did you use im doing a 2L bottle ?

You may be trying to help, but your guide is very miss-leading... Baking yeast will only EVER get you around 4/5% alcohol, no matter what you do and however long you brew... Real alcohol yeast (brewing yeast) will go to around 12/14% depending on the strain... Turbo Yeast is the only yeast that will get to around 22/24 (Search: Alcotec Turbo 48) Your other replies claim you made 30/40% alcohol, thats not possible, and using bakers yeast you must have a messsssed up liver if a pint and half is getting your drunk...

As for the video guide, I'm not sure why anyone would ever use bread, brewing yeast is very cheap online (Ebay: £3 a pop) and will make a much nicer, much quicker, and stronger brew - If you can't afford the few quid, you prob shouldn't be drinking!

Homebrewing is great fun, but only when your making a decent product!

Brilliant! Thanks for the tips, Andrew. I'll have to try it with Fleischmasnn's ActiveDry...

Update: Day three. The bubbles continue to churn. This stuff is getting strong. After having about 18oz worth of this stuff, the volume of a beer and a half, I was as drunk as if I had slammed a six pack. I figure it will be liquror by the time day five comes. I find it funny that the man in this video is wearing a shirt that looks prison issued.

Update: It's the end of day four. The bubbles have stopped and I have started on my second batch. The mix is somewhere between strong wine and vodca. It's maybe a respectable 33-37%. Not bad for the price and no still. I will never again look at orange juice the same or yeast for that matter.

here's a little tip instead of having the lid loose just stick a few holes in a balloon and put the over the top it will let the air out and no air in which i'm assured is exactly what ya need.

Any fruit will do for this, it's the flavoring. The sugar and bread-yeast is the alcoholic part. I've seen it made with everything from cherries to butterscotch and peppermint candies. Peaches are big, too, for the manufacture in Texas.

Instead of oj I have juiced three oranges, a grapefruit and added an extra cup of sugar. well see how it turns out.

That is the fakest accent i've ever heard, You are seriously one dopey mother

Tryin it now, so far I've learned that if you DO stretch a balloon over the top for a self sustaining CO2 drip, you have to be prepared for the possibility of foam coming through the Balloon. I suggest tilting the balloon tip, with the hole in it, towards a battle so the foam drips into it. And put a hole in the side of the bottle as to release the pressure from inside it so as to keep the foam from staying at the top and spilling over.

Skip the bottle, just do an open cup, it'll drip straight down, hopefully, and go into the cup. Empty as needed

i made some of this but not exactly how he says to in this vid.. im not sure if i shuld drink it er not? will it poison me or #$%@ me up,, will i get the bad "#$%@ me up" or the good "#$%@ me up" from drinking this?

how much water do i put in the bowl for the bread?

im trying but no result i ll use somme yeast

just finished putting stuff in 2 2l bottles.. I used sugarcubes, yeast, apples, raisins and warm water.. now I´ll just let it ferment and I´ll tell you how it worked out ;)

strong stuff add a bit of grenadine syrup or cherry to take bitterness out

make it and have fun easy and costless no beer but have some hooch...................

got my brew started today using andrew7015 method with the video combined going straight with yeast, using a rubber glove rubber banded over the capped bottle with the cap left loosly and a small pin hole in one of the top fingers of the glove for vent, also using a gallon milk jug and a heatoing pad, using oj this time will try grape and apple next, , will keep u updated as to my progress , ty andrew for the added info, peace . krack

ok so 5 hours into it, the latex glove is working great and expanded fully and vents as it should with the oin hole in a top finger hole , the rubber band works great to as it seals the glove below the cap so i can open and close the jug without removing the latex glove, u can get latex gloves cheap at any hardware store , auto parts stores, walmart , pet stores ect , so to jump start the mix while the hot pad warmed up my basket with a blanket in it , i filled the bathroom sink with hot water , wow the bubbling was on and still going, ill be going to bed shortly and putting it in the hot pad basket., update again tomorrow if i can sign in lol krack

well day 4 arrived and the bubbling had come to a stop , , the aroma is a yeast like orange alcohol smell, but all in all it went down well and didnt taste to bad at all and got me a good buzz from a couple glasses, ,so now ive started the grape juice same as above but using grape juice instead of orange, just make sure any of the juice u use has no preservatives as this will counter act with the yeast and wont get the results u desire, other thing dont shake the mix after it has started bubbling, u will have a mess just like shaking a coke can and opening it, shook mine a little and it almost bubbled over , the heating pad works great and keeps it a nice even temperature so as the yeast can stay active till done. next ill be moving onto grapefruit juice then apple then going to try some lemon aid , like a hard lemon cooler , latz yall

I put 3 pieces of moldy bread in panty hose tying both ends; add a can of peaches and koolaid, 3 cups sugar, 3/4 gallon of water shake till sugar dissolves and i get 30% alcohol content in 5-7 days

sounds like steve irwin dont know squat

I did 15 years for killing a child molester......I know how to make hooch(pruno), and its very simple and potent.

All u need is juice, sugar, and yeast. Lets say u r making a gallon.......3 cups sugar, 20 grams yeast which we had he baker smuggle to us, and the juice without chunks......any juice with a high sugar content works....mix it all together and let it sit for 5 to 8 daays and ur drunk....make sure u have an outlet for the gas and we used to take towels and wrap the top covered in deod.

Hey Joshua, I get that the the yeast in the bread is dead, I knew that strait away but if not bread for the yeast and you can't get your hands on real yeast, what did you use in prison to make this part work, never made this before but always wanted to try, I know they made it when I stayed a few days in county,,and they had no way of getting yeast then and I never asked how they did it,,if you could help on this I thank you very much,,,and its none of my bizz, but good job on the molester thing, not that you had to stay in prison but for taking care of a sick freak,,not sure how I feel about the killing part, but its a damn site better then tax payers paying to put him up with three hots and a cot just for the freak to get out and do it again to some poor child,,,js,,,,thanks,,peace,,,Dan.,

You do not need to be too smart to know bread will not do crap!! You need live yeast! Once you cook bread the yeast dies! I did 2 years in a max security prison in Minnesota! So I'm quite good at making hooch. And distilling it. :). But if u make it at home do not use bread! But super yeast or any kind of yeast. It's VERY cheap. And it'll kick off that day. ALOT of sugar and ALOT of yeast is the key here. DO NOT USE BREAD. THE YEAST IS DEAD. DEAD YEAST CANNOT EAT THE SUGAR N PRODUCE ALCOHOL. DUMB!!!!

I get that the the yeast in the bread is dead, I knew that strait away but if not bread for the yeast and you can't get your hands on real yeast, what did you use in prison to make this part work, never made this before but always wanted to try, I know they made it when I stayed a few days in county,,and they had no way of getting yeast then and I never asked how they did it,,if you could help on this I thank you very much,,,,peace,,,Dan.,

Going to necromance this thread a bit... Actually its not dumb. I also spent 2 plus years in a max in CO. We made this shit all the time, and it absolutely does work. First of all you can just have someone bring a clavo of yeast back from the kitchen for you, so there's how you would normally do it. However bread will work as the yeast is not always all burned up. Save up a bunch of sugar packs from your trays and get some fruit from the kitchen too (where I was at we didn't get milk, juice, or soda like some lax-ass places) and mix 'er up. SOMETIMES, it wont work. Other times it works very well. Fact is its not DUMB as its been working since Sumerian era, and it will work at times.. just not the best way to go about it these days.

Continuance from last post>>

Poke hole in cap pot small tube in bottle tightly. Run tube into cup or bottle of soapy water. It masks the smell and pressure so air cannot get I but can get out. GOOD LUCK.

i used 3 loves of bread 4 cups of jucey juce grape vinagar water and katchup and the juce from a frute cup it made the strongest shit ive ever had

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